At Covenant Church we believe in giving glory to God and reaching souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Church isn’t simply about another box to check off; it’s a place of life, hope and joy through Christ and the Gospel. In authentic church community, there is true friendship, grace and a full life of learning and growing together in faith, holiness, love, community and a focus on eternity.

Our weekly services are designed to minister to your soul, help you worship and grow in faith in Christ through worship that will prepare your heart for the learning of God’s holy Word, the Bible. We’ll sing songs you know and teach you some that are new as we come together, praise God and study His Word with passion and open hearts.

Below is the mission and vision of the church. We believe that our faith through the body of Christ and in the church should be stirred up with a passion for our mission and vision.


Our Mission

“We exist to stir up a single eye for the glory of God and the souls of man for eternal joy and reward through Jesus Christ”

Our Vision

I. To Establish Healthy, Biblical, Functioning, Local Church Bodies of Believers

Marked by:
1. Worship – Passionate Praise and Worship
2. Gospel Giving – Cheerful, Generous Giving to the Local Church, Missions, and the Widow and Orphan
3. Expository Preaching– Spirit-Filled, Biblical, Expository Preaching
4. Holiness – The Pursuit of Holiness in Heart, Mind, Word, Temper, and Action
5. Witnessing – The Intentional, Active Spreading of the Gospel by all Members

II. To Establish 20 to 30 other Campuses Across the Inland Northwest

Marked By:
1. The Same Values as the Whole
2. Local Pastors and Leaders who are in Unity with the Whole
3. Unity in Worship Style, Preaching, and Culture with the Whole

III. To Establish a Christian School at Every Campus for the Gospel’s Sake

Marked by:
1. An Exciting, Safe, Pure, and Joy-Filled Environment
2. A Bible Emphasis
3. A Quality Christian Education

IV. To Support Missions and to Send Missionaries Around the World

Marked By:
1. A Gospel-Driven and Great Commission Desire
2. Christian Education for Children and Young Adults
3. A Heart to Reach those People Groups who Haven’t yet Heard the Gospel

Our “Denomination”

Covenant Church is a non-denominational church, but we like to call ourselves Wesleyan/Reformed Charis-Baptist!

Wesleyan on Holiness
Reformed on God’s Glory

Charismatic on Gifts
Baptist on Bible